How to Pick stocks

So you’ve finally decided to start investing. You already know that a low P/E ratio is generally better than a high P/E ratio, that a company with a lot of cash on its balance sheet is superior to one burdened with debt, and that analysts’ recommendations should always be taken with a grain of salt. And you know the cardinal rule of the smart investor: A portfolio should be diversified across multiple sectors.

How to Pick stocks
How to Pick stocks

That pretty much covers the basics, whether or not you’ve waded through the more complicated concepts of technical analysis. You are ready to pick stocks.

But wait! With tens of thousands of stocks to choose from, how do you go about selecting a few worth buying? Whatever some experts suggest, it’s just not possible to comb through every balance sheet to identify companies that have a favorable net debt position and are improving their net margins.

Here are a few things to consider before you pick stocks:

  • Understand your level of risk and decide what is appropriate
  • No Matter your personality, develop a smart strategy for choosing stocks to invest in
  • Start by picking one stock and then analyze the results
  • Use trading charts to understand movement of stocks and the overall market
  • Finally, stick with your plan!

Choosing Stocks Based on Your Personality

Also, your personality type will play a part in the types of stock you trade. For example, if you are 23 years old, grew up on video games, have a fast mind, and need to have a lot of action to stay focused, then short-term, aggressive scalping may be right for you. On the other hand, if you are 65 years old, like to think things through before making a decision, and just want to make a little extra spending money each month, then maybe swing trading low volatility stocks might be more appropriate. Whatever decision you make, be sure to think it through. You need to understand that stocks have different levels of volatility and velocity of price movement. By using tools such as Beta, Level I, and Level II information, you should be able to see which is the hare and which is the tortoise.

Company’s Management:

This plays an important role in a company’s growth and future prospects. Understand the key persons, promoters of a company and find out their management practices. In the recent past, many companies have lost their reputation mainly due to poor management and fraudulent activities by management.

Company’s debt-equity ratio:

This ratio indicates the percentage of money financed by banks and shareholders. Usually, a company with lower debt-equity ratio is preferred by the investors because such a company is said to be more stable than the one with a high ratio. So this ratio too has to be considered before investing.

Don’t buy stocks based on rumors:

Emotion should not be the deciding factor while buying stocks. Based on rumors, don’t make any investment decision.

Preservation of Capital-the priority:

While investing in a stock, preserving your capital and minimizing risk should be your priority. You should know clearly how much money you can afford to lose. You cannot do gambling; all your investment decisions have to be supported by research. Have a clear idea of how to pick stocks for the long term.

How to pick stocks for day trading?

Day trading or Intraday trading is buying and selling of shares within the same day. You have to select those stocks that have high liquidity. Don’t buy stocks that are highly volatile because these kinds of stocks may overreact to any news in a bigger way. Conduct thorough research and then buy a stock.

You can buy shares of a company from primary as well as a secondary market. Due to high liquidity, you can encash these shares anytime as and when you need them. To begin investing in shares, you need a Demat and trading account which can be opened in no time. Hope this article gave a clear picture on how to pick stocks for investment purpose and trading purpose too.

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Here are more Questions about stocks

1.How do I decide what stocks to buy?

Here’s more on how to choose a stock:

  1. Buy what you know. Start with an industry or a company that’s familiar to you. …
  2. Consider price and valuation. …
  3. Evaluate financial health. …
  4. What not to do when buying a stock:
  5. For more to read: Nasdaq offers a 12-step process for evaluating stocks

2.How do beginners buy stocks?


  • Decide how you want to invest in stocks.
  • Open an investing account.
  • Know the difference between stocks and stock mutual funds.
  • Set a budget for your stock investment.
  • Start investing.

How do you pick a long term stock?

How to Choose Stocks for Long Term Investment

  1. Selling Loser Stock. …
  2. Do not take up Hot Tip. …
  3. Don’t sweat much for little Money. …
  4. Donʹt Overemphasize the P/E Ratio. …
  5. Resist the Lure of Penny Stocks. …
  6. Pick a Strategy and Stick with It. …
  7. Focus on the Future.

How do I make money from stocks?

How to Make Money in Stocks

  1. Take advantage of time. Although it’s possible to make money on the stock market in the short term, the real earning potential comes from the compound interest you earn on long-term holdings. …
  2. Continue to invest regularly. …
  3. Set it and forget it — mostly. …
  4. Maintain a diverse portfolio. …
  5. Consider hiring professional help.
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