Internet Providers in Albania

Internet Providers in Albania

Albania is a very small country located in the Balkans region of Southeastern Europe. With a history stretching back to antiquity, Albania is one of the rich in castles and archaeological sites among countries. 

Today, the internet speed is indubitably one of the important developments driving society and the economy. It supports the program for Digital Albania and the strategy for the development of Information Society. Moreover, broadband internet speed creates great economic opportunities for different internet users, plays an important role in economic and social development. 

In 2005 year, the internet broadband speed services were initiated. In a relatively short period of time, the internet speed connections creating great surprise to access broadband connections. Country is started the use of broadband speed connections and become relatively easy, fastest and very widespread via the range of technologies in various forms such as DSL internet (dsl speed), ADSL internet (adsl speed), Dial-up connections, ADSL broadband speed, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) etc.

In Jan 2011, Vodafone Albania launched nation’s first wireless 3G technology in capital-city Tirana of the country. With the introduction of the 3rd generation network, better known as 3G, cellular network in Costa Rica. This is the new generation of 3G video mobile phones featuring a slim cutting edge style and loaded with audio and video streaming Global Positioning Satellite technology for enhanced location.

In Sep 2015, Telekom Albania launched the country’s first 4G LTE technology with 2600 MHz bandwidth place. This high-speed wireless 4G LTE network covers and secure IP based solution where facilities like data, voice and streamed multimedia will be provided to the subscriber on an “Anytime, Anywhere” basis. The new platform is to allow mobile broadband Internet connections at speeds up to 10 times faster and making it easier to download files, play games, watch videos or surf the web. Today Albania brings super-fast internet speed with the launch of 4G+ technology. This 4G+ technology gives a higher level of communication e.g. internet speed in the Albanian market. This technology takes the Albanian market to equal levels of internet speed technologies like developed countries in Europe and the globe.

As an Internet user, you should be well aware of the capacity of your own internet speed, holds up in a position to others in the country. Internet speed checking tool or internet speed checker tool or internet broadband speed test tool is able to create this report for you thus to track your internet speed over a period of time is the only one way to ensure your ISP is performing as promised. check internet providers in Albania

As per the broadband internet speed test at speediest, internet speed test Albania or broadband speed test Albania or DSL speed test Albania tested (till 30th Nov 2017), some of the most used ISPs (Internet Service Provider) are Kujtesa Net, Albanian Satellite Communications, IPKO Telecommunications, Albtelecom internet, ABCOM internet broadband, Abissnet etc and according to that, average download speed Albania is 7.34 Mbps, average upload speed Albania is 1.35 Mbps.

Albania internet speed test, average speed & bandwidth speed test results. Test Albania internet speed test with fast internet speed test in Albania and find out the upload and download speed of various ISPs in your country.

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internet providers in Albania

Internet Service Provider AlbaniaDownload Speed
ABCOM Shpk7.06 Mb/s
Abissnet sh.a.12.28 Mb/s
ADA Holding – ADA AIR sh.p.k.63.14 Mb/s
Albanian Satellite Communications sh.p.k.10.36 Mb/s
ALBtelecom6.06 Mb/s
Digicom47.09 Mb/s
IPKO Telecommunications LLC15.38 Mb/s
Keminet Ltd.24.11 Mb/s
Kujtesa Net Sh.p.k.34.76 Mb/s
Telekomi i Kosoves SH.A.11.64 Mb/s

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