Spectrum Speed Test Review Results

What should my Spectrum Internet speed be?

Check Spectrum Speed Test Results:- Does your internet service provider (ISP) live up to their end of the bargain regarding their advertised speeds, or do they fall short? Just because your ISP claims to deliver certain speeds doesn’t mean your connection is actually that fast.

Spectrum Internet Speed Test Results

Spectrum Speed Test Results

#Startup Time [s]Test Duration [s]Ping / Latency [s]Download Speed [Mbps]Upload Speed [Mbps]
Test 14.935.1N/A145.26.0
Test 25.335.7N/A132.76.0
Test 35.235.4N/A159.96.0
Test 45.035.7N/A154.76.0
Test 56.135.7N/A152.46.0

If you are not sure about your Spectrum internet speed is fast enough at home and workplace? Use our Spectrum speed test tool to see what speed you get and how it compares.

How does the Spectrum internet speed test work?

The Spectrum speed test first establishes a connection with the best available server. Your “ping,” or time it takes to establish this connection, is measured in milliseconds.

Next, the test will measure your download speed by receiving a small amount of data over the browser. The speed at which the data is transferred is shown in megabits per second or Mbps.

Spectrum Speed Test
Spectrum Speed Test

The test then performs a similar action, this time sending a small amount of data over the browser to test your upload speed. Your upload speed will also appear in Mbps and may be significantly lower than your download speed, especially if using a DSL, cable, or satellite connection.

The spectrum speed test is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to testing download and upload speeds, which is by far the most important aspect of any internet speed test. It also has a nicely designed interface, and we like the fact that Spectrum operates its speed test on a secure website.

While it is certainly a head-scratcher that they don’t include any information about ping or latency times, and there aren’t really any advanced features to speak of, overall there are more pros than cons with the Spectrum speed test. It’s not the best internet speed test in the industry, but it’s still a strong offering that we generally recommend.

Spectrum’s parent company—Charter Communications—bought out two other telecommunications companies (Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable) and combined them to create the third-largest telecommunications company in the US—Spectrum. In some areas, the infrastructure is built to enable faster connection speeds, which is why there are different Spectrum speeds available across the country.

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